Chocolate Cherries          Chocolate Cherry Mice             Smartie Daisies                      Licorice Delights

photo 3  Mice  Daisy Smooches  LicoriceDelightup  

        Twisted Pretzels                 Candy Cane Suckers                       Turtzels                              Copycat Corn

Pretzels  Heart Suckers  photo 2-1  Copycat Corn

                              MICE CUBES – great for table holiday table settings and perfect party favors!

 micecube   photo 2   photo m

To order your candy and inquire about pricing please use our contact form below.
Remember 20% of the sale will be donated to the Edmonton Humane Society to help  animals.

6 thoughts on “Candy

  1. Hi jasmine, I really like the copycat corn and the smartie daisies. Could
    you send some to to me in Calgary please? I would also like to try the chocolate
    cherries, so could I try some?
    Your favourite cousin, Aryn 🙂

  2. Wow, I am so impressed at your creativity I am ready to buy however, I will wait until I arrive in Edmonton.
    Good work Jasmine and Margot.

  3. Hi Jasmine, do you make anything special for Easter? I am having the family dinner and I would love to embellish the table with some of your awesome creations. Hope to hear from you!!!!!!

  4. Hi Jasmine (and Mom Margot),
    I’m a journalist with CBC Radio — hoping to do a story on your interest in candymaking and how you came to be in the kitchen in the first place. Would you mind getting in touch with me via e-mail?

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